Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Matter of Trust: Bigger Volume = Savings

I consider it a breach of trust when the unit price for a larger size of a product is higher than for a smaller size. As a consumer, I want to be able to take the mental shortcut of assuming that there will be some savings by buying in volume. So if I need the larger volume anyway, I shouldn't have to bother comparing the price to the smaller size(s). Sales or promotions are an exception, but in those cases, at least I have the signage to alert me to the fact that I might want to take the time to compare.

It doesn't happen too often that this rule if violated, but it does happen. Today at Wal-Mart the 8.5-oz size of Jet Dry was less than half the cost of the 16 oz size, no promotions involved. I personally view that as unethical behavior on the part of the retailer, and it does make me think less favorably of them (for what that is worth!).

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