Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Facebook / LinkedIn feature idea

LinkedIn has checkboxes for you to indicate what you are interested in (keeping in touch, career opportunities, etc). I don't find them to be very useful, though. Especially for potential job seekers, I would like a rating of 1-5 to indicate interest level in job opportunities:
  • 1 = Very Motivated (i.e., unemployed)
  • 2 = Motivated (i.e., worried about losing job or hate job)
  • 3 = Interested (i.e., looking for a better opportunity, but in no hurry)
  • 4 = Would Consider the Right Opportunity (i.e., it would have to be my dream job)
  • 5 = Not Interested
I know that when I have been looking to fill positions, I would have found this very, very useful in mining my network.

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