Sunday, May 17, 2009

Electric Bicycles

Really good article on electric bikes. Lots of potential here. I think one key element to crack is the security factor. If I could secure my bike as quickly as I can park and lock my car, that would greatly increase the appeal.

The folding electric bike could really be the ultimate! Also, for the car replacement, the three-wheel version with larger cargo capacity could be the right form factor.


  1. The one good thing about our oil dependency, someone is going to solve the problem. Give me my electric car!

  2. Anonymous08:00

    I've been looking into commuter cars for the last year. I still can't find what I would consider an ideal alternative. There aren't enough sidewalks here to do use an electric bike. And the street legal cars are about the same cost as a real car. It might be an actual alternative in MN, but not here.

  3. You can't use a real bike, let alone an electric, on the sidewalk anyway, gowabash. The real problem is the bike-hostile condition of the roads in Indiana.

    You are right, though, the specialty cars seem very, very over-priced.