Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gallup Q20

A few years ago, Gallup seemed to have a lock on the mindshare for organization-wide, annaul internal surveys of employee attitudes. Like any good marketer, they worked hard to brand it, including affixing a catchy, eponymous name--the Gallup Q12. Part of their value proposition was the vast internal database they had accumulated, so that they could slice the data in different ways, to provide all kinds peer comparisons, for value-add. In other words, their product had a strong network effect--people chose Gallup because of their broad customer base, and that created an ever broader customer base. Even our church used it.

Somehow, though they seemed to have lost the mindshare. Maybe the value of the internal database came to be seen as less than meets the eye. I have been at several companies and organizations, and each one seems to be using a different survey vendor, none of which I have ever heard. of.

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