Sunday, September 23, 2012

How to Make WWF Better

I like playing Words with Friends a lot, but I have an idea to improve it: There should be a scoring rule, per turn, of a maximum of 8 times the number of letters used (e.g, 2 letters max 16, 5 letters max 40).

This would have the following benefits:
  • Generally encourage longer words that open up the board, versus defensive play that can be tactically very advantageous, but often makes for a cramped, boring game
  • Eliminate very high-scoring turns that are the result of very little skill (dropping the X on a double to spell "XI" both ways, for 38 points).
  • Eliminate super-high-scoring turns that are somewhat lucky but can create an insurmountable lead
  • Helps equalize the playing field between veterans and newer players (who won't have memorized all the silly 2-letter words)
Also, to get the 7-letter bonus, you should have to do it without a blank and without using an "S" to make a plural.

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