Friday, November 23, 2012


I heard one industry analyst speculate that the future of retailing may be in a deliberate form of "showrooming"-- have brick and mortar to allow people to see the product if they wish, but expect most people to buy online. 

I'm not completely sure how that works, for many products. If I can go see it in person, and I like it, why not just buy it then and there? But there is one product this makes perfect sense for: the automobile. I have been advocating this approach for years. It's just so much leaner.

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  1. Of course, it's a problem when the current automobile industry fights against "show rooming" automobiles.

    Witness the recent lawsuit by the Massachusetts Auto Dealer Association against Tesla Motors:

    The car dealership model needs to be blown up, but the current industry is going to fight tooth-and-nail and use government power (judges and legislators) to resist adapting to the new realities. The whole car buying experience would be VASTLY improved once this happens. Nobody enjoys going to a dealership to buy a car.