Monday, January 28, 2013

Arab Spring: Too Much, Too Fast

I wrote the below over a year ago and never posted it. Now we have the bloodbath of Syria, the spillover in Mali, and scary instability in Egypt. It gives me absolutely no joy to be right, but too much, too soon.

Again on the subject of the Arab spring in general, and Libya in particular. So we got rid of a strongman--we did that with Saddam, it didn't necessarily make things so much better. And Gaddafi, while a vile, despicable tyrant, had ceased to be a source of international terrorism. ...I just think sometimes slow is better. I am thinking of cases like South Korea, Taiwan, India. Now I don't want the U.S. to enforce slowness in any way, that would be going far too far, but maybe we shouldn't be so keen to accelerate, especially when that means military involvement?

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