Sunday, April 06, 2014

Epilogue to the Movie/Musical "Once" (Spoiler Alert)

Spoiler alert...stop reading if you don't want to know the ending to Once.

We saw the movie in 2008 and just saw the musical at the Orpheum. We loved them both. Terriffic music. I really liked the non-storybook ending. However, if we continue to play out the characters' lives, I think the storybook ending might come to pass. Here is my reasoning...

The relationship between Guy and his NYC expat girlfriend is clearly too tempestuous to last. I think he goes to NYC, gets back together with her, but they only last 18 months, 2 years tops.

As far as Girl's relationship goes--any husband who can't get along with such an all-around delight as her is bound to be worthless. Maybe he just can't adjust to life in a new country, I don't know. But no way are they going to stay reconciled.

So, within 2 years, Guy and Girl are both free to take up with each other. Whether that happens is not a sure thing. If he finds stardom, all bets are off. Likewise, if he stays in NYC, it's probably going nowhere. But there is a significant probability he is headed back to Dublin in 2 years, tail between he legs. And if that happens, the next step is obvious.

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