Saturday, August 08, 2015

Verizon More Expensive Than Ever

The good news: Verizon is following T-Mobile's lead in eliminating the hated 2-year phone contract, with its opaque, bundled handset subsidy pricing. And their pricing scheme is stick-simple--per-Subscriber, no family plans. The bad news: for families, this makes Verizon more expensive than ever.

T-Mobile Basic 1 Gb Plan
$50 for first Subscriber
$30 for second
$10 each for Subscribers 3-10.

Verizon Basic 1 Gb Plan
$50 per Subscriber

So for a family of 4, Tmo is $100, Verizon is $200. For bigger families, or combined families (we have our 5 plus my Mom plus a friend on our Tmo plan), the difference, at the extreme, is $160 vs a whopping $500.


  1. I think you misunderstand the pricing:

    For 1 GB shared voice+data plan, it would be $30 + $25/smart phone = $130 (for a family of 4) or $205 (for 7).

    For 10 GB shared voice+data plan, it would be $80 + $15/smart phone = $140 (for a family of 4) or $195 (for 7).

    1. Ah, I see what you mean. I thought I read somewhere (a news report, not Verizon marketing material) "no family plan options", so my mind didn't comprehend that it was a shared data bucket. That is far more reasonable. So for a family of 4, 6 Gb would be $130, a more reasonable $30 premium vs Tmo. For 7 like us, $195 vs $110. Kind of steep on its face, but perhaps not terrible amortized over 7 people. And yes, it is important to understand, this is all based on BYOD, which T-Mobile pioneered (in this country). So works much better for low-mid-priced Androids than full-priced iPhones. Thanks, Bill.

  2. Also, the prices above are for BYOD (bring your own device), where you either buy the device outright or already own a smart phone to connect. If you need to "finance" your smart phone, then I think that adds $25/month or so per phone that is "financed", depending on the phone that is selected.