Sunday, August 19, 2007

Blockbuster Online Queue History: Feature for Re-Add

Blockbuster online has decent useability. They have a nice feature that shows you your rental history (beware future Supreme Court nominees). For each line-item, they have 3 buttons, allowing you to: Add to Cart, Suggest, or Add to Favorites. Add to Cart means buy; why you would want to purchase a DVD you have already viewed, and can view again at no incremental cost from BB Online, is a mystery to me, but I accept that it happens at least occasionally. I suspect the other 2 buttons are less useful to the majority of users.

What they don't have is the button that, for me and I suspect for most people, would be far more useful than any of those: the Add to Queue button! People re-watch movies all the time, right? I personally don't, but in my case, I often find that I don't get around to watching the movies that come in the mail. If I'm lucky, it gets returned mid-week in order to pop something else from the queue for the kids. If I'm less lucky, I wind up driving to the local Blockbuster store with the kids, to exchange my un-viewed movie for one they want now to view at the evening's sleepover.

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