Monday, November 19, 2007

Amazon Kindle Reader

Amazon introduced this e-reader about a month ago, in time for the Christmas season. I haven't followed it closely, but my sense is that it generated next to zero buzz, and correspondingly low sales.

Not surprising. Seems like I've heard this before. $399 is WAY too expensive, and even if it were free, who wants another big device to lug around? I applaud the idea of best-sellers for $9.99--finally , content delivery that recognizes that the cost-savings for non-physical content should be shared with consumers, making it considerably cheaper than traditional, corporeal formats.

But the device makes no sense to me. Much better to incorporate with existing hardware--from laptops to cell phones. If they had to do something, partner with a notebook manufacturer to make a form-factor that is considered perfect for eBooks, and provide a bundling deal.

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