Sunday, December 21, 2008

Playing Football with the Flu

The Giants played their center, Justin Tuck, even though he had the flu. All through the game, it looked like he was struggling, and at the very end, he had come out. Maybe there is a detail I am missing, like the Giants backup center just broke his leg or something, but barring that, I just don't agree with playing a guy who has the flu. No matter how tough and how medicated, I don't think an "A" player fighting the flu is going to be effective as a healthy "C" player.


  1. You make very good points. The coach was probably like, "Tuck it. I want your sick ass in the game".

  2. Or did he just have a bad cold? You know people are constantly going around saying they have the flu when they have nothing of the sort. When you have the flu you really are sick as a dog and so many people who claim to have it just have nasty colds or some other bug, but can still function pretty well.

  3. Good point, you are so right about people throwing around the term flu casually (notably, the mythical "stomach flu").