Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Corporate Mailbox Size

I am forever having to archive my corporate email because I am running out of space. What a ridiculous waste of my time, in this era of personal terabyte drives! Usually this is driven by a few large attachments. Why can Outlook/Exchange have some built-in features to help with this?
  1. Automatically zip emails with total attachments larger than 500K (the threshold of course could be configurable).
  2. Have a utility to have Outlook convert all attachments to zip files, post-hoc.
  3. Provide a utility to store all attachments automcially, post-hoc, and provide a link in the original email to that post-hoc location.
My question was rhetorical. I know the answer. It is the usual answer with Microsoft--because there is no competition. Outlook/Exchange owns the corporate email client market, so there is no need to make improvements. Someday, that will be the death of you, GM Micro$osft.

1 comment:

  1. I fully agree, I have been manually archiving my emails into a C or Network drive for years now, I thought size didn't matter? ;o)