Monday, June 29, 2009

ZoomSafer Software for Cell Phones and Driving

Got a comment to my recent posts, musing on the scariness of teen texting-while-driving, and ideas for counter-measures. From ZoomSafer, promoting their forthcoming software aimed at this problem. It does look promising in several ways, including the text-to-speech feature. (But does not eliminate my desire to have the auditing via correlation mashup feature.)

A quick inventory and comment on ZoomSafer features:

  1. Reminds you to drive safely. Seems likely to be innfective and annoying--like the now-osbsolete airline security questions, or the flight-attendant safety instructions.
  2. Prevents inbound texts and emails--very good.
  3. Manages inbound calls by preference--good.
  4. Selectively notify friends you ARE DRIVING. Could be good, if implemented properly. I.e., if they get that message on the inbound call. This level of interactivity on the inbound call is something I have been after for a while, with the Do Not Disturb feature, and the "I'm coming, hold on 10 seconds" feature.
  5. Voice-based access--good.


  1. Anonymous23:08

    reverse cell phone lookups

    This is the first time I’ve read about this. I keep learning new things everyday!

  2. I think it’s good that some developers have come up with innovative solutions to fight texting while driving. It’s a dangerous and irresponsible way to drive. In all the texting applications offered on the market, I particularly like Text’nDrive better than the one mentioned in this article for the fact that it reads emails and text messages, and that they list on their website any new texting laws in the U.S. ( A really nice app!!