Monday, February 01, 2010

iPad Paid Content

This article talks about the importance of media deals for the iPad's success. To me, that is a total non-starter. Same drawback as for the Kindle--I just about wouldn't want one for free (I would take a free iPad, though)...I am firmly in the "information wants to be free" camp. Or if that is not always true, it is certainly always true that I want information to be free (free as in beer as well as free as in speech), and I sure am not going to run out and pay $$ for device that will cost EVEN MORE $$ in ongoing consumables. I hate consumables, and try hard to avoid them, as much as practical, in any consumer product (e.g., I am not buying a $60 shop vac that requires a $20 replaceable filter; I am going to stick with models that have washable filters)

Yes, I know--producers of content need to get paid. I know that, I understand that. But I am not going to do collude in transfering cash from my pocket to theirs (with a big cut for Steve Jobs). And I most certainly am not going to willingly submit to a high-overhead way of paying for content that supports "high-priced office buildings and expensive lunches".

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