Thursday, February 25, 2010

NBC Olympic Vandalism

I love the Olympics! And I really love the Wintery Olympics in glorious HD! What I want to know is--why does NBC think they should be able to vandalize the picture? What I mean by that is--why must they appropriate 3% of my pixels for the non-stop display of this?!

I know, I know--they overpaid for the telecast rights, and they are perfectly entitled to vandalize my picture, if that's what they want to do. I just don't see what purpose it accomplishes. I get that they might want to flash it occasionally--which actually might be more effective--but why does it have to be there 24 x 7, so to speak? I don't think it is much more effective than the hated DVD anti-piracy warnings. In the long run, I have to believe there is bad karma to companies that needlessly antagonize their customers, just because they can.


  1. Could it be that it's not really NBC's fault for the size of their watermark because they use it to cover a logo from the Olympic Broadcast Services pool feed?

  2. A thoughtful counterpoint, Bill. My core complaint remains, though perhaps it is not NBC's fault, or perhaps is the dreaded result of no single entity's accountability.