Friday, December 10, 2010

Android Market 15 Minute Refund, Boo!

I've always thought the 24-hour refund policy of Android market is good and fair. Gives users a chance to try out an app. What's wrong with that? I tend to think it would net-net be a positive, since things that reduce risk often induce people to try them. But for whatever reason, the window has been cut to a ridiculous 15 minutes.


  1. I have yet to BUY any app's, what paid app's have you purchased that you think are worth it?

  2. DoggCatcher is the most expensive one. Well worth it for Podcasts. No I take that back, PDANet for $17 lets you tether. CoPilot USA for $5 gives you GPS w/o a data connection, worth it. A few trivial things. Quickdial for $1 is the only good speed dial I have seen (critical if you don't have a physical keyboard). I paid $1 for the paid version of UltraChron, since I need the audtible countdown timer. SwiftKey keyboard is very nice. That's about it.