Thursday, December 02, 2010

Credit Where Due for Samsung TouchWiz

Like most serious Android enthusiasts, I would prefer pure "stock" Android, free of any "enhancements" provided by the handset makers or carriers. This definitely applies to my Samsung Vibrant phone, with Samsung's "TouchWiz" interface. Mostly it gets in the way. It gets in the way of unlocking the phone (the ridiculous, balky, slide gesture), it gets in the way of Contacts big-time, in a way I haven't quite quantified (groups fouled up, inconsistent filing of Last Name, First Name), and we all know it gets in the way of timely updates.

The status bar has a couple of things I do like, though. One is the call-control is present in the status bar, almost like a widget. So can Mute/Un-Mute, or end the call, from there. Another is that the key buttons for toggling power-saving services--WiFi, GPS and BlueTooth--are also right there. Very, very convenient.

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