Saturday, March 05, 2011

Android Gift Cards

I totally agree with this blogger, that Android needs gift cards, I have been on this page for a while. My kids have Android phones. No expensive data plans, but just the phones. No way am I putting a credit card on their accounts (I actually trust them, but accidents happen). I know a lot of people want carrier billing, and for adults (young adults) I understand why, but that would be as bad as a credit card, for the use case in question.

I would like to get a $10 Android gift card that my kids can use for the very limited number of things they need to buy (fun $1 games). In the meantime, I hadn't thought of the Visa card, that is a very good work-around. I suppose in some ways better, for my purposes, since I can buy a gift card for $20, let my son buy his $1 game, and use the rest at Wal-Mart.

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