Friday, March 11, 2011


I'm not so sure I'm *personally* excited by the prospect. I 100% use the DVR for all my TV-watching, thus minimizing time wasted via commercials. I have to believe any new delivery system will be very focused on trying to force you to watch commercials. The commercials may be more relevant, perhaps even shorter/fewer because of the higher value of being relevant, but they will certainly be there in numbers. Of course there is always the "analog hole" to overcome that, I suppose.


  1. I like yourself, never watch "live" TV, always recorded to skip commercials. I think the future is product placement within the shows although that is not possible for some products I guess.

    I can't watch commercials.

  2. It's surprising to me that DVRs for car radio are only just appearing--I frequently feel the impulse to either rewind something I am coming in the middle of, or something interesting that is still going on when I have arrived.