Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Credit Cards and Traveling

How annoying. I've noticed in recent years that I get more "fraud detection" messages left on my home answering machine, when traveling and using credit cards. And I know when traveling overseas, you need to give your credit card issuer a heads-up. But during our recent vacation to the Florida Keys, our cards were flat-out denied. Not because of a big purchase, or lots of use, but the very first time we tried, for $40 in groceries.

Such a minor pain to call and get it authorized. And, for Wells Fargo at least, no way to do that on the web. Dumb.


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  2. We just got back from our trip to Arizona and THEN got the fraud calls... for real fraud. Our cards had been used to purchase almost 300 CAD worth of gas in Calgary.

    We're pretty convinced that our card number was stolen in Arizona.

    Fortunately, the credit card issuers know that they're on the hook for fraud, so they're proactive about it.

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  4. Ouch. A best practice, which I haven't fully implemented myself, would be to use a separate card for all recurring charges, and leave it at home, so you don't have any risk of losing and having to cancel.

    Sometimes when traveling I encounter a requirement to enter my zip code. That's a low barrier, but still a good precaution that gets in the way of the most unsophisticated and casual thieves.