Saturday, July 23, 2011

Feature Idea: Transient Twitter Subscriptions, Driven by URLs

Twitter is a great way to follow breaking details (like a weekend soccer tournament, where the games keep getting re-scheduled due to weather). But the overhead of following, then especially UN-following, is a little tedious. Like Glympse, I would like Twitter subscriptions that automatically expire.

The whole other problem is the slow uptake of Twitter in the non-techie population...we are still a few years away from widespread usage of this type. Currently, posting on Facebook is considered pretty much cutting edge. Not trying to be sarcastic, that is not a bad thing, but Twitter is ideally suited to this use case.


  1. Anonymous21:17

    All you have to do is go to your "Following" list and unclick the Follow button for those that you wish to no longer follow. Am I mising your point?


  2. No, I think I am the one missing paying more attention to Twitter! ;)