Monday, February 13, 2012

Apps I Have Been Waiting For

Sign of smartphones maturing as app platforms, some things I have wanted since before the dawn of Android have become available.

1. Big Mute Button. Crucial for those of us who use our phones for teleconferences. This was actually pretty good by Android 2.x, but I have a new HTC Phone and "Sense" obscures the Android functionality without making a substitute of its own. So back to sereral clicks every time I need to toggle mute (which is A LOT!). But I found an app MicMuter, that gives me what I need--a big, floating, can't miss Mute toggle button. Kind of silly to pay $3.40 for this, but it gives me what I need.

2. A good Alarm Clock. Lots of them actually--though still no single one is quite perfect.

3. The first baby steps to my phone as a universal remote control.

4. A little love for conference calls...not the fully integrated experience I wrote about 4 years ago, but a nice baby step: Conference Caller, an app that turns the process of dialing the access number, entering your conference code and then PIN into a 1-click process.

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