Monday, February 27, 2012

Some Recruiting Ideas for HR To Work With

HR departments at companies I have worked at typically like to remind employees of the referral program. So far so good--I am a big fan of referrals. I have had some real success stories, as a referrer of talent, but other times, I have been rather disappointed by the reception I have gotten from Recruiting.

Don't get me wrong--I don't expect, or even want, anybody to be hired just because I said they were good. I want every candidate to be thoroughly vetted, and a HIRE decision only to be made if they are top-notch. What I do hope is that their resume will be given a very careful look, and if there is any promise at all (which there almost certainly is, or I would not be referring them), that they be given a phone interview. From there, it is all in the hands of the recruiter and hiring manager.

So here is an idea. HR needs to apply some statistics to the case of referrals. Treat all internal referrals with the respect they are due, but treat some more seriously than others. Specifically, keep stats on your referrers. For those with a good track record, treat the referral with even more gravity. You can share this factor with the hiring manager, too.

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