Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Trying the Walled Garden Again

For the most common queries, Dragon Go usually bypasses search engines by taking users directly to Web sites of companies like Amazon, Expedia and OpenTable, which are Nuance partners on the app. If people don't find what they're looking for there, Dragon Go offers traditional Web search.
This is an insta-fail. One of the reasons Google was so successful was the purity of its results--no paid placement. I hate this already.
The benefit for consumers, Nuance executives say, is faster answers in fewer steps. In many cases, Nuance collects a small fee from partner sites when people make restaurant reservations or complete purchases. The app could be construed as a challenge to the likes of Google and Microsoft, which have their own voice products.
Yeah, sure, fewer steps down the walled garden path. Blech.

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