Saturday, January 25, 2014

Smarter Amazon Reviews: Optioanl Structure and Meta-Data Needed

Amazon reviews are invaluable. It is getting to the point where I try not to make any vaguely "consumer durable" purchase without them. But there are problems with them. The one I would like to attack is getting more insight into which dimension of product delivery is bad. Is it the seller not the product? That's a crucial distinction--most products on Amazon have lots of sellers to choose from. Is it the entire product category that you don't like? As in--as cordless drills go, this is the best one ever, but I find they are never powerful enough? That's important to know--other people's use cases may be much more tolerant of whatever limitations you find in the product category. Is the product fine, but over-priced? Again, important to understand, might mean that if one shows up at a much lower price it would be a fine purchase.

Here is my attempt to do it right, in a review of a recently-purchased Electric Kettle. 

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