Friday, May 09, 2014

SnagIt: Should be, Could be, the Graphics Editor for Every PC

I've known about SnagIt for a while, and have been using it at work for a couple of years, ever since I discovered we have a site license and it only costs $2 to get it (I think that is correct, take with a grain of salt). Whereas at $50, a retail copy is a bit pricey.

I wonder if SnagIt is missing a market opportunity. While best-known for screen capture, in truth, SnagIt could be the default graphics editor Windows has always lacked. I assume they are making good money at $50 per user, but I think they could go after a much bigger market.

One idea is that Microsoft should acquire or license (or, less auspiciously for SnagIt, clone) them. Every copy of retail Windows should include a version of SnagIt. Another idea would be to have family-friendly consumer pricing. We have 5 PCs in the family. No way am I paying $250 to equip them all with SnagIt. But I would probably pay $50 to do that.

To avoid cannibalizing the full-price version, maybe they need to think about a "lite" consumer version. Not sure, off the top of my head, what features to put in what version. But one candidate would be the fabled "scrolling capture"--where SnagIt almost magically captures a scrolling window. Much more of a professional than a consumer feature.

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