Saturday, June 28, 2014

Community Library as Forerunner and Exemplar in "Sharing Economy"

I've started tutoring one night at Rondo public library in St. Paul. Rondo is a terrific, large library that is buzzing with activity. In my brief time there, I have seen that in addition to tutoring, it hosts ESL lessons, they have a drop-in legal clinic, and all kinds of other community stuff. It seems to be a center of community life and activity that suburban libraries, such as our local R.H. Stafford, however nice, will never be.

I kind of think that the community library was part of the "sharing economy" before that was "a thing".


  1. If the Library hadn't been invented long before the idea of Intellectual Property, it could not happen today. Imagine, sharing books, and the author doesn't get an extra cent.

    1. Also - If I "buy" a movie (they also offer rent for the day) from Xfinity, how can I take it with me when I move to an area served by a different cable company?