Saturday, May 22, 2010

Android Cloud-to-Device

Very good stuff, if I am understanding this correctly. I want to do as much data-entry as possible on the PC, and as little as possible on my Android phone. That applies to selecting apps, but much more so to creating maps (which already works), and other things, like searching for Podcasts.

Another very cool API they've introduced is called Cloud to Device Messaging. This means that – using Android's "intent" call – you get real-time, two-way synching between your phone and any web-app that would take advantage of it. One huge feature that showed this off was the ability to browse apps on a web-based Android market and send them straight to your phone: you can install apps without even having to look at your phone. Note that while this feature will be supported in Froyo, the sight may not be launched with Froyo: that's still a bit down the timeline.

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