Friday, May 28, 2010

Clue 1 for Email Marketing

For years I have had a separate email address to give out to retail operations. I check it about once a week, or  when I have a reason. It is amazing to see how many emails even legitimate brick-and-mortar operations send out. Sign up for something on Tuesday, receive marketing emails on Wednesday and Thursday! If marketers weren't so abusively over-eager to send marketing emails, they might actually get better results.

Here is Clue 1 for email marketing--don't send messages any more often than weekly!


  1. This brings to mind baseball and the 162 games they have PLUS spring training. Reduce the # of games which will make each game that much more important and me more willing to watch.

  2. Also the cat adoption fairs I bring Morocco and Mexico to twice a month. With two dozen-plus cats and kittens, it overwhelms anyone who might be inclined to adopt a cat. Far too many to choose from.