Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ticketmaster Must Die

Ticket fees, what a rip-off. Information technology is supposed to radically reduce transaction costs. $10 of transaction costs (ticketing fee, service charge, convenience fee, blah, blah) on a $28 ticket is insanely inefficient. I would love to see Google or Amazon attack this business. There is so much fat, as an efficient, high-volume player, they could easily take 80-90% of the cost out, cut off Ticketmaster's oxygen supply, and still make money.

Or, if Microsoft wanted to do something interesting and seize some high ground in consumer mindshare...


  1. There are lots of alternatives out there but Ticketmaster have a strong hold. Check out It's a totally fresh approach, charging zero booking fees.

  2. Wishing Ticket Tailor the best of luck.

  3. Totally hate ticket fees and will do just about anything to avoid them including driving to Mpls to a box office to buy in person!