Sunday, January 16, 2011

When Did Ibuprofen Become the All-Purpose Exercise Recovery Drug?

More and more, I am hearing of people taking ibuprofen prophylactically, right  after a hard, but relatively routine, workout. One of the Bodypump instructors at our local Y has repeatedly recommended doing that. I have heard of other people even taking it before a workout--which this article casts some serious doubt on.

Anyway, it would never have occurred to me to do either one of those things. Maybe I am just weird, but very mild muscle soreness, the kind you get after an especially hard workout, is really not bothersome at all. It doesn't last long, and it carries a nice reminder of the virtue and pleasure of that workout. Even more significant soreness, as a fit person may get from an unaccustomed form of activity, is really not too bad.


  1. Seems very ill-advised to me for an exercise instructor to recommend routine and casual use of medication, even something people consider as benign as ibuprofen. (But I'm kind of against medication-taking in general... until the magical fat-zapping pill arrives, at least.)

  2. Yeah, exactly. The thing is, she tossed out the idea as pretty much a given, not even a suggestion. I totally don't get it.