Thursday, August 11, 2011


I've spent my first 10 minutes on Google+. I have my doubts. I think the usability might be better than FB--seems like the usual Google clean-and-lean. Or maybe it is just because it is too new to have grown cluttered. But as far as achieving real success goes, I just don't see the compelling reason to use it. Just like Bing has not been able to interest me in switching away from Google search (and in that case, the switching barrier is far lower).

Like I said, Google shoulda bought LinkedIn. Since that ship has apparently sailed, I think their only other chance is to meticulously identify every single weakness in Facebook, and fix it in Google+. Even then, they will probably need FB to stumble at some point. Some things I am thinking of:

  • Security. Facebook hasn't been so strong here, including lack of HTTPS and the Firesheep vulnerability.
  • Channels. Circles is a good start. I think I am a somewhat typical middle-aged male techie--I think FB is Face-bore. I just don't want to know what my good friends--let alone vague acquaintances--did over the weekend. I want interesting, and I want useful. So the channels I would like to see are:
  • "I need advice..."
  • "I need to borrow" 

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  1. Anonymous22:08

    I also don't know about Google+. I've been giving it a try but I think my preference is Twitter. A much better news/interesting topic information feed.

    I love your two suggestions.