Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Time-Zone Awareness: Advanced Calendar Feature

I was on vacation, in a different time zone, and a friend from home asked me to drive them to the airport at 2:45. No problemo, I put it in my calendar right then and there--pick up at 2:45 Wednesday. Only problem--I entered that appointment when I was on EDT, so when I got back home to CDT, that appeared as 3:45. I happened to catch the mistake, but I easily could have blown it.

So what's the solution? I think the best general-purpose short-term solution would be a Calendar program Setting to let users set a home time zone, and then be prompted any time they enter an appointment when not on their home time. The prompt would say "Use Local Time (2:45) or Home Time (3:45)?".

The long-term solution is that we all need to start quoting time in GMT offsets. That's a joke...sort of.

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