Friday, March 30, 2012


I have been introduced to Wegman's through my visits to my parents and sister in NoVA. It is amazing. I have been threatening to write a feelance article on them. I thought the Slate article and the one it linked to might be the article I have been threatening to write, but they weren't. Too cursory, and also they had a major fallacy--which many commenters pointed out. The really amazing thing about Wegman's isn't how pleasant it is, or what great products, or polite employees. My boutique neighborhood grocery store has those things, albeit on a smaller scale. But I avoid that store if at all possible, because it is so bloody expensive. That is the miracle of Wegman's--it is cheaper than the average grocery store, while delivering high-end in terms of quality, selection and shopping experience.

That, my friends, is a business miracle. And that is why I want to research and write an extended-length article on Wegman's. It seems to me they could march out of Rochester--just as Wal-Mart did from Benton--and conquer the grocery world.

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