Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Callheads Android App

Callheads is a nice app for Android that I have been using for a few days. As described by its publisher, :
Ever been interruption from an app through a call? CallHeads (beta) will give you more control on what to do with a phone call when you are concurrently using an app. Instead of a fullscreen notification popping up and interrupting your app, you will see a bubble as an overlay on your app, and you can keep using the app. For instance, if you are currently reading a text, you can first finish the current paragraph until you pickup the call, if you are playing Angry Birds, you can first finish the slingshot and then answer the phone.
So far so good. But it's pretty simple. What I would like to see:
  • First and foremost, click on Callhead to mute/unmute. This is the floating mute button I have been waiting 4 years for!  (I'm a heavy conference call user).
  • Ability to make the Callhead go away. In contrast to Chatheads, there is much less reason to have the Callhead be persistent (except when you are using it as your mute button, of course).

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