Monday, August 12, 2013

I hate repetition

I hate needless repetition of words. It's a waste of time, but for me it is even worse than that--it is positively mind-dulling.
  • Church services which constantly re-instruct in the minute particulars of the program, each and every service, just in case there is a new person who can't read or learn by observation.
  • Warning sections in any kind of instructions.
  • Answering machine announcements, for the first 15 years of their existence.
  • Introductions to weekly TV shows.
  • Almost any mandatory, computer-based corporate training.


  1. You forget practically every newspaper article ever written which invariable spends a paragraph or two recapitulating the basics of the subject at hand. Or just stating the blindingly obvious, a la 'President of the United State Barack Obama....'

  2. Oh no, I have long held that against newspapers. Even before there was the internet, I was anti-newspaper on the grounds that there was WAY to much re-setting the context. My philosophy was that you could read TIME or U.S. News and get a much more concise, fully-baked account of the story in question.