Thursday, February 14, 2008

Immune to Ads

This article says "MySpace Users Build Up Ad Immunity". I'm surprised there is not more discussion of ad immunity in general. I would like to see a study that looks at all the ad-based business models, and aggregates their assumed attention from users. I would not be surprised if the aggretate assumption comes out to the average web user spending 3 hours a day reading and responding to ads!

I think this is the soft underbelly of most of the free commercial content on the internet. It almost makes me want to short Google stock.

It also makes me worry a little, as a Google user, since I like and increasingly rely on their apps. I would probably be willing to pay Google $150/year for a family subscription to all their products (assuming the continue their rate of product innovation). I wonder if that would be worth more to Google than I am in their ad-based model?

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