Sunday, February 10, 2008

Michigan and Florida: I Wouldn't Try to Change the Rules

Because Michigan and Florida moved their primary dates up, contrary to party rules, the national Democratic party sanctioned them by not counting their delegates. Now apparently the Clinton campaign wants to reverse or at least re-visit the decision to not count them. This seems like very low and dirty intra-party politics to me, and what do I know, but given the negative publicity the Clinton campaign has gotten recently, it seems to me like this could well backfire. I mean, the rules are the rules, right? It seems incredibly opportunistic and cutthroat to object only after the result is proven to be in your favor. Somewhat similar to what happened with the Clintonian objections to caucus sites located on the strip in Las Vegas arose only after the culinary workers' union endorsed Obama.

Even if it works and helps get her the nomination, it seems like it could both lead to more intra-party hard feelings, as well as providing fodder for negative ads from the Republicans in the general election.