Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wishing Comcast Ill

But for all the harm these price cuts may inflict on the wireless industry, experts say they may exact an even bigger toll on cable companies such as Comcast (CMCSA) and Time Warner's (TWX) cable division, which for years have been luring phone-company customers with service packages that bundle calling, high-speed Internet access, and hundreds of TV channels. "We have to look at it beyond wireless" says Roger Entner, senior vice-president at consultancy IAG Research. "We don't want to look at mouse traps when we are hunting for elephants. [With these plans], you can beat the cable guy."
I would be thrilled if wireless kicked cable in the shins, hard. Reasons I deeply resent Comcast:
  • It was hardly 1 week after they bought AT&T Broadband that they raised my broadband rates
  • When they acquire companies, they aren't kind enough to keep the old email domain--they make you switch over to (I've opted out of that, with my own domain and Gmail)
  • Even though I had a cable package that already included ESPN, when I upgraded to HD, that did not get me ESPN HD; since that was my only reason for paying for HD (since I got all the other HD channels I cared about over-the-air), I instantly down-graded.
  • Generally not carrying nearly enough HD
  • Poor service and especially billing screw-ups
Postscript: I guess I am in good company hating Comcast.

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