Thursday, February 14, 2008

Legislative auditor criticizes jobs program

The state's [Minnesota's] primary program to stimulate rural job growth has given tax breaks to firms and communities that don't need them and may have hurt competing businesses that aren't subsidized, the legislative auditor reported Friday.
Well, duh. I don't understand why this would surprise anyone. It is really too much too hope for politicians who understand, and are willing to stand up and say, that government tinkering isn't going to make people want to live and work in desolate, under-developed areas?

I read this long article about Buffalo, which pointed out the numerous, vain attempts that had been made to resucitate downtown Buffalo over the years. Detroit is the big target now. During the presidential campaign, I have heard most of the candidates talk about how their economic program will help revive Detroit. What nonsense. Detroit is in a horrible downward spiral, not likely to be arrested, much less reversed, any time soon. Anybody who has a good opportunity to bail out of Detroit probably should. It is a disservice to give people false encouragement to stay and hold out for a turn-around.

(I'm not saying any of this out of some anti-Detroit bias, I just believe the writing is on the wall, has been for a decade or more.)

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