Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cold Willpower

This NYT article talks about how willpower can be built up, almost like a muscle. I've read that a few other places recently. Maybe that explains why I tend to view the opportunity to tolerate brief bouts of cold as a character-building exercise.

My overt rationale is that it is worth enduring a few moments of discomfort in order not to be encumbered for several hours (in the mall, or restaurant or whatever) with a bulky coat. (I live in Minnesota, so I do keep an emergency coat in the trunk.) But I must admit, the feeling is also bracing, and maybe that comes from the chance to build up some willpower!


  1. Great post. I have actually been practicing for years with little things like, when you get an itch, don't itch it. I do this a lot when working out. There's nothing worse than a drop of sweat slowly working dwon your face. Deal with the discomfort, ignore it.

    It's finding strength and pride in denying that which you want, but do not need.

  2. *reluctantly puts down cookie*

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