Saturday, January 23, 2010

Deficit-Reduction Idea

There is talk of a commission for reducing the deficit. I have an idea. Congress should steal a page from business, where many businesses require managers to rank-order their employees, in terms of value to the oraganization. So if you have 10 great employees, that's fine, but still, some must be greater than others, so--just rank-order them.

I would like to require every Congressman to identify the least justified 20% of spending in their district. Not that the 20% would automatically get cut, they just have to identify it. The criteria, in descending order of importance, would be:
  1. Not in the best interests of the United States
  2. Not accomplishing its intended purpose
  3. Not in the best interests of the constituents
The idea is that, if the Congressman is on record as agreeing that the spending is not so useful, maybe that would make it easier to attack.

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