Thursday, January 28, 2010

Vibrate Before Ring--Really Nice Feature

For the first two rings, my cell phone (T-Mobile myTouch) vibrates, before it starts ringing. That is a really nice feature--gives you the chance to grab it, when you get a call in church, and realize you haven't silenced the ringer.

Another thoughtful ringer feature that my old "dumbphone" had was "one beep". This was vibrate mode, except that it would make one, modest little beep on the first ring. It was quiet enough, and not repeated, so that it would go un-noticed in business meetings or church, but if your ears were attuned, you would pick it up, just like a Daddy picks up his baby's cry. One of the advantages is that you never had to put your phone on full-silent, meaning that if you ever misplaced your phone and were hunting for it, you had a slight chance of audibly locating it.

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