Monday, March 22, 2010

"Superphone" Term a Poor Marketing Tactic from Google

In my consumer cosmology, the more heavily promoted an item is, the more skeptical I become about its benefits and value proposition. It is a huge warning sign when a marketer tries to subtly re-name the product or service. For instance, an OCR vendor I dealt with tried to call it "ICR"--intelligent character recognition. I, not O--different than that old, crummy, never-accurate-enough OCR that you tried before. Except it was exactly like the old OCR that never worked well. Old wine in new bottle.

So when Google tried calling it's much-anticipated smartphone a "superphone", I smelled a rat. In this case, the rat wasn't a horrible sewer rat, it was more like a domesticated pet rat. The Nexus is by all accounts (I don't own one) a very nice Android phone, possibly/probably the best on the market. But nothing, absolutely nothing, about it is revolutionary, in a qualitative or quantitative sense.

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