Sunday, March 21, 2010

Unusual Hockey Game

I don't see much hockey, but I was lucky enough to be invited to the Wild-Flames game today. I always enjoy watching a game in person (that cliche is so true). Anwyay, it was a good game, the home team won, and there was plenty of scoring, 4-3. But the relatively plentiful scoring was not among the things that I am counting as unusual:
  1. 10 minutes of stoppage due to an injured player who was ultimately wheeled out. Apparently he is okay.
  2. Another 10 minutes of stoppage because the gate onto the rink was damaged, apparently by a hard check!
  3. Maybe I have missed it before, but I never noticed players skating stickless (because their sticks had broken). In this game, at one point first one, then two, Wild players were skating stickless. I know this is not unheard of when on defense, but I personally never noticed, it, and it lasted a while, with even the second player going stickless.
We had great seats, just above the glass line, 12 rows up, on the blue line. All in all, it was a really good outing.


  1. Yes, skaters often skate without sticks if they drop or break them. Since the rules of hockey dictate that you can only carry one stick at a time (preventing someone from your team bringing you a new stick), you have several options:

    1. leave the ice to have another player take your place
    2. skate past the bench and be handed a new stick
    3. have someone from your team give you their stick
    4. skate and defend without your stick

    Oftentimes, in the fast pace of the game, you don't have time for anything but the fourth option, until your on-ice shift is complete.

  2. There's a fifth (too obvious to mention) option: If you drop your stick, you can pick it up. But, most often, that may take too much time and give the other team a body advantage.