Sunday, September 05, 2010

DropBox: Latest Opportunity for PC Makers to Seek Value-Add

I have occasionally brainstormed about ways that PC manufacturers could add value. Past ideas have included built-in hardware encryption, and built in disk redundancy. I have an update for latter idea. As noted, we recently averted catastrophe thanks to Dropbox. I can't believe that OEMs aren't paying a small fee to bundle Dropbox and selling it as a value-added feature.

Think about it--how much would the average person pay if they were reasonably guaranteed that with the latest HP/Dell/Toshiba technology, all their data* would be automatically backed up to the internet, and accessible from any other internet-connected PC? I bet that would command a $50 premium, easily. The key, I think, would be a clever name that immediately commands consumer mindshare.

An alternative would be to sell it as a pre-installed, but additional-cost, service. I still think that bundling it and building the brand is a great opportunity, though.
*First 2 Gb free, additional storage can be purchased in convenient, inexpensive increments.


  1. My issue is the AMOUNT of storag I need, I have tons of video of the kids (as every year I make a 'bonafide' movie for that year). So the cheapest way was for me to buy an external Terrabyte drive.

  2. Videos are a special case, they require an external drive and/or DVDs. But they are low-volatility (i.e., don't update them frequently), so that's not so bad.