Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I wrote "last night" above, but I watched most of the game on DVR over my morning coffee, with my thumb on the "skip" button. That's a big, recent change in the way a fan can experience the NFL—if you don't feel like a particular game is worth three and a half hours of your life (and you don't care whether you're experiencing the drama as it happens), the bloat and tedium that the league has packed into the broadcasts can be pared away. Without DVR, I wanted to stab someone whenever the NFL force-fed me its mandatory post-touchdown sandwich of commercial break-kickoff-commercial break.
So true, but it still amazes me how many people don't get the extent to which a DVR makes the process far more time-efficient as well as just giving it much more continuity. The other thing, related, that I don't get--why do people have such a hard time not looking up the score for an hour or two, while they are time-shifting?! Do they also open their  presents right away, when they arrive a few days before their birthday?

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  1. I suspect 90% of people open their presents when they receive them.