Sunday, September 05, 2010

USB Chargers

We have 5 cell phones in the family. At times we have had almost that many different chargers. However, over the past year, we have been moving toward all USB-based phones. I thought we were on the cusp of being able to all share the same chargers. This would be especially nice in the car--where it is bad enough to have one messy, USB cable permanently dangling from the dash, let alone multiple varieities.

So I was chagrined to find, when I got my new phone (T-Mobile Vibrant), that is used a different kind of USB connector. A micro, it seems, instead of a mini. I was cursing this fact, but apparently the micro is the future standard. So maybe in another two years, my dream of common chargers will be realized. Sigh.


  1. You'l have to let us know what yo think of he Vibrant.

  2. It's pretty good, except for the GPS problem that Samsung has pledged to fix. I would prefer stock Android (no Samsung alleged enhancements) but that is minor. Performance is very good, almost never any lag, including rotating phone. Display is big and beautiful--it is weird how small my old phone looks. The horizontal keyboard is almost TOO big--a lot of real estate for my thumbs to cover. Internet access seems much faster, too--which you wouldn't think would be affected by the phone type (much anyway), but it seems blazing.